Tuesday, May 29, 2007

View of Where 2.0 Monday Night Event


Above is a great update from Frank Taylor at Google Earth Blog. Trends Jerry and I noted include:
* too many underpants gnomes
* warehousing of data (mostly free) and providing mashup ability in one site. -- more than one new company launching this notion
* using gis for social websites -- think myspace more focused on community and location. again, more than one pushing that concept.

Nothing really blew us away. There was one company with a really cool Java applet that did GE type 3d. They're only in New York right now and I doubt they're very scalable. Take a look, I haven't yet so I'm not sure you can get to the good stuff -- http://www.upnext.com

Google is talking now -- I'm getting goosebumps..

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Jerry said...

The best one especially for Weather Geeks....