Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Highlights from John Hanke - Building the GeoWeb

2 Focus for Google...

Improve the Basemap
Build the GeoWeb - User Annotations

1/2 the population covered by hi res imagery
*Far off places using Google Earth: Tribes in Amazon, Inuits in Canada

Sketch Up Update
*Kabul in 3d Warehouse

Google Street View
*5 US Cities
*Panoramic View
*Navigation within the view
*Information not seen with overhead imagery "No Parking Signs" etc etc
*Full Screen View
(Gene is sighing.....)

Looks like no updates to the hazy 3 year old Queen Creek imagery though.....

User Annotation....
Increased support for OGC. KML is best practice used by OGC
GeoRSS Support
"atom" tags
Google gadgets mashups with maps "Mashups of Mashups"

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