Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Howler Monkeys, and Whales, and dead birdies oh my!

Ok, so this guy from Wild Sanctuary is showing off a kml that links to sounds of nature and animals in remote locations and maps those locations. It should have been a 5 minute presentation last night when there was a third of the people here. Because it's now and like 30 minutes, I'm going to mock it.

This is quite entertaining if you're looking for something to entertain and teach your small child about animals. Of course your children would have to much more patience than I and would have to imagine that the big space of green on the map is a forest.

This is pretty much completely useless for a business environment. No way this is in anyway helpful for CBRE. Can you image us trying to use sounds with maps? New York dot: "Youse want to buy this building or what?" Houston dot: "Yee-haw, how's about y'all pay a truck load of dollars for my barn?" San Diego dot: "Duuuude, hurry up and look at the building. I totally don't want to miss the waves."

I'm bored right now, even it does demonstrate the new ability to embed objects with javascript in a popup. This presentation is almost over and the two before this were boring too, I hope Garmin is better.

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