Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"Shiny and crap"

The Swivel guys just represented their Monday night 5 minute explanation of their site. When explaning why the export to kml button was cool they explained you could see the data you found at Swivel in Google Earth, which is "shiny and crap." Visualization of data is shiny, even when the data is crap. Combine good data with a good visualization tool and that's not just shiny but very useful as well.


visnu said...

sorry i let that slip out. normally what i'd say is "spinny goodness", but the clock was blinking 0:00 at me and i was panicking. i also forgot to mention that the other good thing about the kml is that you can take it and upload it to geocommons.

we try to keep things pretty light-hearted at swivel and say silly things all the time like, "tasty data goodies." but overall, it's for the serious goal of making data useful online.

sorry sorry.

gene said...

No worries. I was amused by it. "Shiny" is a term we use often as well. Shiny gets people's attention. We try to dev shiny and back it up with quality content and usefulness. Your site will be on my watch list as a site that can be shiny and useful.

visnu said...

ah, whew. you had me worried there. i was feeling all down because i thought i had inadvertently offended someone. cool, we welcome any feedback if you have any. oh, and also look out for the api coming in about a month -- another way to grab the data out and hopefully be useful.