Sunday, May 20, 2007

Microsoft's PopFly

It's a mashup creator that's been compared to Yahoo!'s Pipes. It's an interesting concept: bringing together data sources from a variety of providers and delivery types, manipulating, then delivering in a desired output format. Designed to do this easily enough for non-programmers, but with enough features and flexibility to accomodate programmers as well, this could be very useful. Like most Microsoft releases, this has already been overhyped and has already delivered disappointment (how long until I get the access info email promised at signup?). Sure, it's in "private alpha" still, but I'd expect no positive comments from non-Microsoft paid sources until at least 6 months down the road. I'll be keeping my eye on it though. Along with Yahoo! Pipes and SRC's Alteryx, Microsoft's attempt at creating a visual, simple, powerful way of walking non-experienced users through the stages of creating a mashup could bring out many creative and usefull end products.

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