Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gizmodo article on Google's Camera Car fleet

Article here. Presumably they're for the Streetview functionality they added to Google Maps recently, but with Google, who knows what they're up to.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Timoney Group at it again.

I remember being impressed by the way they used Google Earth before. Well now they've impressed again. Check them out making BLM, Oil and Gas Wells, and Federal Lands info available as KML for the Rocky Mountain states here:

What's really impressive about this is the way they take advantage of new KML spec including the Regions functionality to stream out huge amounts of data, from huge databases, at a very good speed. That shows it's possible for datasets that used to be only practical as fusion built layers to be shared as streamed static kml instead.

A discussion of this point is at Ogle Earth.

Data Visualization Site

Many Eyes

Very cool site that visualizes data in many ways. Users can upload data and explore it in different ways. Someone posted what looks like a grocery store's sales by dept which was very interesting to view as sized bubbles (sorry no link, site broke as I went back to get the link -- hey, it's in beta still). What brought me to the site was a series of political earmark spending visualized. The interface was very adept at switching between per capita, total, by category, and whatever other types of visualizations I ignored.

Different Real Estate Web Site


It's very Web2.0. I like that it's a different approach to the same old task. There are things to consider here. Also, I like that it takes non-real estate info and will plot it along side it. And, btw, it's using Google's Maps API for the maps.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Ending my Vacation with Ice Cream

I found the nearest Cold Stone and discovered they have a nice Google Maps mashup. I like the tabs in the info bubble.


Mmmmmm Google Maps Mashup

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Mapping + Games

Web game that uses VE's BirdsEye View imagery as the background.

iPhone and KML

I discovered that the maps feature of the iPhone will load a KML file that is on a webserver. It only shows the name and location (as the standard red push pin) but its nice to know it does something with it.

Also I tried to load a kml from via Safari, but it was smart enough to send me to change to the maps app.

Also it will show 2 Billion Points!