Friday, February 2, 2007

New CBRE Earth Software

Please use the link below to install the new client software (v4) of CBRE Earth.  This installation will be sent to the field users in the next week or so.  Please become familiar with the new interface and stay tuned for upcoming News From Nerds about the new client, from your star anchorman Gene Wright (it’s OK to pronounce the G like an S).  Let me know if you have any questions or problems.

Some of the new features in version 4 include:

  • No more dashboard.  The navigation tools (pan, zoom, tilt, and rotate) are now a semi-transparent and compact “compass” within the map.
  • Enhanced time series capabilities and slider.  I’ve attached a couple cool ones.  Turn on and select any one of these layers and click the play button on the time slider (next to the compass).
  • More efficient legend with better nesting of subfolders and ability to show all available layers in the legend or only the ones that are turned on.
  • The major enhancement that paid users will have is the ability to add and view Google’s database of imagery, 3D buildings, and other layers.  Research copies (yours) will not have this ability…at least not yet.  (Blue Marble images showing seasonal change of the globe)  (Death Valley road trip with embedded and synched video)

<<GOES 12 Animation.kml>>   - current radar time series of the last 4 hours

<<Aqua MODIS Imagery of Hurricane Katrina.kml>> - Time series of Hurricane Katrina images

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Jerry said...

Version 4 is GREAT!